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Distribution & Agency for Pharma

Parazelsus is globally known for its sales and distribution capabilities, allowing you to scale in local territories, nationally, and globally. Our team of trained professionals possesses many decades of award-winning sales experience that helps you plan the right geography and distribution strategy. In India, we work on consignment sales agencies, super stockists & distributorship models. We manage our distribution operations through 10 key distribution points having a network of 5500+ distributors, 8200+ Hospitals, Physicians, Government Institutions, and 200+ transport routes.

Distribution and Agency

Effective pharma distribution is the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry, facilitating the organized movement of medicines from manufacturers to patients. This intricate network involves storage, transportation, and meticulous handling to ensure the timely and secure delivery of essential drugs. Pharma distribution companies play a crucial role in maintaining product integrity and complying with stringent regulatory standards. Employing advanced technologies, these distribution channels prioritize precision and reliability in their operations. The success of the pharmaceutical sector hinges on the efficiency of pharma distribution, with its ability to navigate complex logistics, uphold quality assurance, and meet the healthcare needs of diverse populations.